Littleton Property Division Attorneys

The family law firm of Harkess & Salter, LLC, in Lakewood, Colorado, assists clients in the greater Denver metro area and throughout Colorado in these and other family law matters:

  • Divorce. We are experienced in walking clients through the steps of a divorce, from confidential discussions about the steps needed to address a client’s problems, through any negotiations, mediation or court litigation needed to reach resolutions. We assist clients with divorce-related matters, including uncontested divorce, contested divorce, legal separation, and dissolution of common-law marriages.
  • Property division. We help divorcing clients to separate marital assets fairly and equitably so they can move on with their lives.
  • Child custody, support and relocation. We represent the best interests of clients and their children in child-related matters, including child custody, child visitation, child support and out of state relocation.
  • Divorce-related bankruptcies. If a divorce has destroyed your finances, and you have no realistic expectation of repaying your debts soon, we can restore your financial health though a pre-divorce or post-divorce bankruptcy.
  • Divorce-related estate planning. We assist divorced and divorcing individuals, and individuals who are considering divorce, in securing their finances, their wishes and their legacies using estate planning mechanisms.
  • Domestic violence. We help clients who are being physically abused, or are being threatened with abuse, in reporting violence and in obtaining restraining orders against their abusers. We also defend individuals who believe they are unfairly accused of abuse to have such orders lifted.
  • Modification, enforcement and contempt. We help clients to modify terms in their property division, child custody or alimony orders; to enforce existing terms; or to address another party’s request to modify the terms.
  • Mediation and collaboration. When possible, we represent clients in collaborative negotiations, either as intermediaries between parties, or as advocates for one party in collaboration with the other’s attorney. The goal is to save our clients’ money and help them retain control of their assets and children.
  • Adoptions. We facilitate adoptions of children by stepparents, grandparents, kin and others for the benefit of children and their adoptive parents.